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Name : Kirstine
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Location : Away with the Faeries...
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Date of Birth : 8th July 1990
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Ok. I am a mad 19 (almost 20) year old chef from bonny old England who reads far too much for her own good, does lots of crazy stuff in the name of fun and doesn't just think outside the box but scrunches it up and throws it at the wall.

In the remaining dregs of my spare time that are not taken up by work or college, I read (a lot, and with at least one Discworld book at a shot), write, sing along to the music coming from my laptop and watch NCIS or Dr Who or something random on Dave...usually all at the same time.

Cosplay Bio

Hmmm, well, my nickname at college for the last year and a half has been Velma, as in the geeky one with glasses from Scooby Doo. I actually looked accurately like her when I was 13 and first donned the red and orange combination to cosplay her at a christmas party. Then reprised that costume at the MCM Expo last year...with a different set of clothes.

I also go to a lot of Discworld Conventions, like the one I'm headed to at the end of august this year. One of my costumes is a Feegle, which is a blue person with red hair that dresses in tartan...sorta a demented scottish smurf. Crazy, fun costumes XD

Contact Information

I have MSN, Skype and Facebook, but y'all have to ask for any of them.



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