Personal Information

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Name : Chelsea
Location : Leatherhead
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th February 1998
Age : 19

Personal Bio

My name is Chelsea hook, Im 12 years old and i attend Therfield school, I am the younger sister of kara aka Tif9123, I love Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts,Dead or Alive, Devil May Cry, Elfen Lied and Naruto. I want to cosplay with my big sister really badly so she is going to make my costumes and were going to do groups together.

Cosplay Bio

Tif9123 will be making my cosplays, she is currently working on for me:

Final Fantasy VII Marlene
Final Fantasy VI Amano Celes
Elfen Lied Child Lucy
Final Fantasy X-2 Female Goon


Hello Kitty / Hanging out with my friends / games / anime and music.