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Name : Emma
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Location : England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th April 1992
Age : 24

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I love playing Left 4 Dead 2, reading KHR, listening to music. House MD is my favourite TV show, and I ship House/Wilson religiously

Cosplay Bio

I got started in cosplay when I found some House MD cosplay on DeviantArt, and got really interested. It's gone on from there really! I really enjoy the making new friends part of cosplay, and as for my proudest moment... I don't really have one yet X'DD

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Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:40:56 GMT

h50 friends only

If you like Hawaii Five 0 (and ship McDanno but that's no biggie if you dont), House MD, FRIENDS, Marvel.. in fact, if you look at my profile and see similar interests then I'll probably like you.

Been blogging since 2008 but Tumblr and real life have taken me away. Now I'm back and hope to stay.



left 4 dead 2 / gaming / pokemon / cosplay / anime / manga / bleach / khr / reborn / house md / house/wilson