Personal Information

Name : Brianna
Location : Britain
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th July 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

I ship Draenerys Dany/Drogo... My sun and stars :')
I love the idea of Steampunk :3 I've only been to two Comic Cons, that's about to change... Maybe not... Probably not... Sadface :( Fwarg... Finnick Odair... Indeed I would love a sugar cube :'D
Bruce/Tony Bromance :3 ... This is my life...

Cosplay Bio

Well once my cosplay idea fell through so I went in my 'normal' clothes... The horrible thing was I had some people I knew and some I didn't saying "Nice cosplay" D:
I seem to bounce from one cosplay idea to the other thinking "I'll do this and this and the and this" and then I never end up doing anything... So unorganised... :L

Contact Information

Redbubble: Eversorlilith
I don't do t-shirts atm but I wouldn't mind giving people terrible designs on my Redbubble :P
Tumblr: Bellethiel-Bribo-Nutal
Forgive me for I don't know how to use Tumblr yet :O
I'm never really online and I don't check my messages that often either
I would post a link to my old BEBO account but that's embarrassing X'D


I love The Big Bang Theory / Magic The Gathering / Game Of Thrones / Hunger Games / Danisnotonfire / AmazingPhil / Skyrim / Mortal Kombat / Kanon Wakeshima / The Walking Dead / Tolkein / Darren Shan and... Well you get the gist / full on nerd who sits in their room like Gollum reading their friend's Fanfiction... Yes / I'm a hermit :E Some would describe my music taste as terrible... Amon Amarth / Children Of Bodom / Venom / Darkthrone / Mayhem and Lamb Of God? ;D Volcanoes? Yes I like volcanoes... Svsusnsbfsjnebsjs...