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Name : Alex
Location : Leeds
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th December 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Im Alex Barwell, Tall Ginger and Geek are 3 words that describe me , im a laugh when you get to know me and always offer a helping hand. :)
Im currently in 6th form at woodkirk and studying Psychology Art Philosophy an Ethics and finally English literature.
I either wana be an animation artist or concept artist OR a psychologist that specials in eating disorders an general mental health.

So yeah now you know what i wana be what i study why not send me a message im always upto meeting new people !

Cosplay Bio

Well when i looked at this i was like errmm ok ? But then i saw the description and was like oooooooh....
So yeah, Hmm so what got me into it ? well anime comics and general comics ,Plus my keen interest in acting , i love to portay worlds people characters i can never be even if it not real for that brief moment you can experience a world that we can only dream to be in.
But to be honest i have to say my nans cable box got me into via Cartoon network and FoxKids! But ye apart from that it grew from toonami and late night shows and my fondness of comics to this :)
Plus gives me sumet to keep my mum happy for it allowed us to get along for once in our lives over something :D

Achievement ? Been Lavi at thought bubble :) LAVI been my all time favourite i was well proud of the out fit made by my mum and me and my Hammer! that me an my dad designed n made AND IT EVEN GREW IN SIZE!

so that all i feel like writing now. so you really wana know then just ask !

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Seriously you want me to write them all? no seriously people just talk to me i honestly dont bite.