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Name : alex
Location : manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th May 2008
Age : 9

Personal Bio

in the picture im the one in the middle lol xD

well yea, my real my names alex but i go by a few nicknames such as=
the yaoi whore
feel free to call my any
but anyway i love cosplaying and i live in manchester ^.^
i am a yaoi addict,yaoi is my drug xD i write fanfictions (mainly yaoi) and have a youtube ^-^
i tend to look a idiot on pictures lol and im to damn forgiveing, trusting and hyper 4 my own gud i trust people way to easy xD
im sometimes very random and hyper so beware lol XD

Cosplay Bio

i started cosplaying in 2005(i think)O.O with my first cosplay as Shuichi Shindo out of gravitation, i picked him because i was in love with his charater at that time and i was broke so i couldnt really afford a expensive cosplay xD

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yaoi / yuri / yaoi / anime / yaoi / manga / yaoi / cosplaying / yaoi / acting / yaoi / singing / yaoi / music / oh did i forget to mention yaoi? xDDDD