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Name : Ashley
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Location : Morecambe
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Date of Birth : 6th February 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

At the monent i work at printedspace in morecambe designing bespoke wallpapers and flooring. But it isn't what i want to do with my life, as I have just graduated in fashion and contour design. I would love a job as a pattern cutter in a lingerie brand. But untill then I will continue with making body con clothing and corsets.

Ok about me hmmm..
I have been told that when people first meet me that i look very snoby and unapproachable,but I just don't know how to act around people I have just met :s my mother and sister are the same lol, guess it runs in the family lol!

I love video games and animie, but i do tend to get about half way through any thing before I have to make one of the cosplay's and never actualy get to finish many series and games :'(

well that is me, and if you don't like me shove it :p

Cosplay Bio

Um I first got into it when i was about 16 i think. I started to knit Rikku's scarf from Final Fantasy x and it escalated a bit :P

The thing I love about cosplay is making them yourself, workingout how to make some thing fiction real. And then beconing that character for a day or two at a convention with lots of like minded people... who don't role their eyes at me, mother does that.

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skype: ashleyedge89




films / reading / drawing / sewing / crafting / animie / manga / videogames / design / dressing / drinking :p / dressing up while drinking :p :p