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Name : Lauren
Location : London, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th May 1990
Age : 26

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-Always Grinning
-Love my Best Friends to Pieces!
-Absolutely Choking myself in love for my Joey! <3

I'm a BTEC Student in Games Development and hoping to go to Uni for AI and Music in Games, Maybe Programming. Love the course and the people on it, though some are little wannabe posers. ;D.

OH! AND Out of all the Final Fantasy I'm a slave to Final Fantasy 9. The music is the best out of all the FF Series IMHO and thats that. Especially 'A Song From Her Memories', 'You're not alone' and 'Aloha De Chocobo!' Brilliance 8D!!

Cosplay Bio

Starters! I'VE NEVER COSPLAYED! (As of 12/04/2010)

But I'm breaking my Cosply Virginity as Amy Sorel in Soul Calibur 4! My Profile Picture has the unique hair of a Vocaloid Character, but it's mouldable enough for me to use as Amy-chan.

I'd like to cosplay again, but would be just as happy having an awesome one off cosplay character!

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