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Name : Rikku
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Location : UK
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Date of Birth : 6th December 1986
Age : 30

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I am someone who studied Japanese in both Basic and Preliminary but not intermidiate because they didn't have anymore courses. I am a high level Otaku and love anime like Excel Saga and Bleach and Naruto, I also read manga but I prefer Shojo because of the artwork and am fascinated by the stories^_^ I am also stuck into the evilness addiction of gaming like Final fantasy games and other Anime based games i enjoy alot^_^ apparently the Japanese culture is my life and am intended on going to Japan sooner or later^_^

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in 2007 in the Naruto release event and have started going to the first expo in September 2007, I am now a crossplayer who cosplays as Female characters like Misa Amane and Crossdress Ciel and also Belle from Beauty and the Beast but I'm trying to get back into cosplay most the time where am trying to get to cosplaying as Doviculus from Brutal Legend but I can't find a way to make his head yet so for now, it's females all the way^__^

my main weakness in crossplay is my Tattoo on my back lol

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Anime / Games / and more anime^_^ / I love learning Japanese / everything about it and also love cosplaying and Crossplaying as long as I meet good people^__^ I'm also into Death Metal from the 1980's like Judas Priest and Anthrax and Brocas Helm (Brutal Legend got me into it all) and also into Tattoos / I got a Huge backpiece from a videogame which am also making a cosplay out of lol