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Name : Amar
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Location : London , England
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Date of Birth : 16th March 1992
Age : 22

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Hey Names Amar and im 19 :) , Currently Work at a Gym in London & Play Football for a Team ph and im a student ! ^_^ , I love to have fun having fun in your life is the key to being happy ^^

Cosplay Bio

Ooook it all started early this year it was final fantasy 13 launch event and whilst i was reading the website about it alot of people were like ' yeah im going cosplay sephiroth ' or rinoa and i was like hmmm i'v never done it so why not so i just tried it and it went all well i had to let 2 of my friends to tag along with me though i was abit scared at first :) but yeah then a couple of months after that it was MGS peacewalker launch event and this time i cosplayed big boss/snake and it went well again even shook , took a pic with , and got a autograph with HIDEO KOJIMA & the art director :) but yeah went well again my friends tagged along 2 ^_^ and this time im going to go to my first ever expo woo hoo looking foward to it (:

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PSN - Superman240706


Games / Music / Movies / Japan / Korea / Football / My Friends ! / Anime / fingers are getting tired... =(