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Name : Stephi
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Location : England
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Date of Birth : 6th June 1990
Age : 26

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My aim is to cosplay all of Sakura Kinomoto's battle costumes. At least those from the anime. Any from manga promo art is just a bonus or for a little break.

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I got into cosplay back in 2005/6. My first costume was Lisianthus from Shuffle.
I like to cosplay as magical girls or idol characters.

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A life of shoes!

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 21:38:36 GMT

Over the last few days I've been moving back to Sheffield as term time starts again *boo* 

On the up side, I now have the room to work on fabric heavy cosplays!

I only managed to get away with one evening of using the long table at home, so I spent that making my fiancés Syaoran cloak from Tsubasa. It's not exactly finished so I'm not all that ready to put pictures up for it yet.

If anything my attention has been strongly directed towards something that often goes neglected - SHOES!

Seriously, if you go to a con or cosplay event you will find that the most common inaccuracy to the costume in question is the shoes. Some people try, for example uniforms expect smart black/brown shoes, and they usually go for something appropriate. But if it's something a little more obvious to notice then I quickly begin to tear my hair out inwardly, for the number of boot cover tutorials out there are immense, and can be made from the smallest scraps of fabric. Ebay sellers have also upped their game in the past year, and you can pretty much find anything, even on cosplay goods vending sites which are not ebay. They can be pricey, but again, you have the budget version of boot covers which can also look incredibly sexy on your pins.

Anyway, now that I have my camera lead back, I'll upload progress pics!

Pair 1:
Bought from an Ebay seller...they smell kinda funky in the way that fake leather does, but I'm hoping to purge this somehow. They're a bit long so I'm also expecting them to rub the back of my calves a little bit, but all in all they should do the job!

Also, I would have liked them to at least go over the knee, but I think the proportioning between the boots and the skirt would have been a bit odd, so I'm happy with them as they are for now.


Pair 2 (final judgement)

I found this pair in TKMaxx with my other half, and after a lot of complaints on his part, I finally managed to convince him that I would be able to get the correct paint job. I would just need a lot of layers. I hate how the camera makes it look a lot worse than it is! but I went around without being the typical perfectionist that I am (which can be seen on the next pair) as I can correct it later.

So far its not too bad.

Pair 3:

I'm starting to love these pair mainly because I found the base by accident, and I think I still need one more coat and a bit of tidying up before I start putting the studs on. These are so much better than my first pair, which is probably why I prefer to mod through paint jobs rather than fabric.



Cosplay / dance / clay craft / felting / resin work.