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Name : Ammy
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Things you should know about me?

-I live in Germany and I am still visiting school :)
-I am also a hobbyartist... I like to draw traditionaly and digitaly...
(check out my deviant or tumblr ammyxdante under the tag "my art")
-I am also interested in music stuff ... list of my stuff: guitar,keyboard

Cosplay Bio

I prefer cosplaying characters from games or movies...
I started "cosplaying" in a very young age!!! In germany we have a fest called Karneval... as a little kid I always wanted to make special costumes!! Like Lara Croft,or a dragon hunter from a RPG... and never something simple like a princess...etc

However... check out my photos if you want to know more about me cosplaying :|

Contact Information

DeviantArt: AmmyxDante
tumblr: ammyxdante


Gaming / Cosplay / Films / editing / painting/drawing / photography / MUSIC!