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Name : Fran
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Location : London
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Date of Birth : 10th February 1988
Age : 29

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it's strange.... i don't even really watch anime anymore... and i hardly read manga these days... but i still love it, and everything about the fanbase.
i've been going to conventions for over 4 years now and i can't remeber what i did with my life beforhand to be honest ^^;

Cosplay Bio

started cosplaying right from my first con, Ame06.
that was actually how i learnt to make stuff too, and have been doing so ever since. made more for other people than i have myself unfortunatley, but still, i love it :)



Sat, 16 May 2009 16:49:01 GMT

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i'm gonna make something more special to go here but right now i'm busy with exams and eneral lazyness ^^;



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