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Name : Heather
Location : Manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 12th February 1993
Age : 22

Personal Bio


My name is Heather I'm 21 and from the UK.
I started to study art at college but switched to music. Then recently had a change in career path so I will be going into Health sometime this year. My last couple of years of high school were rocky so I was thrown off course a bit. I feel that now I have found my feet again and am looking forward to getting back on track. :)

I have been attending conventions for many years, I can vaguely remember my first, I just remember being too shy to meet Craig Charles and then confused as to why he wasn't on Red Dwarf. In 2007 I attended memorabilia and met Danny John Jules. This was my first guest meeting and it was a great experience!

Cosplay Bio

I started to learn about cosplay not long after meeting Danny John Jules. In 2010 I finally built up the courage to start cosplaying myself. I decided to start off with a nice casual cosplay to get me into sewing ect - Zoey from Left 4 Dead. In late 2010 I started my own costume from scratch which had to be remade because I wasn't happy with the result, the costume was Jill Valentine from Re5.

Being a student still I have found it hard to afford new costumes each year although I try and have at least two new ones made. I have lots of cosplays on the list.

Next cosplays:
-Rikku, Final Fantasy X
-Jinx, League of Legends
-Little Sister, Bioshock



Gaming / Music / Cosplay / Sci-Fi / Anime / Harry Potter