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Name : Rosie
Location : England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st April 1996
Age : 20

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OHHAITHAR! Welcome to my Profile~ ;D If I'm honest I'm a shy person and generally quite quiet so don't be put of by that or fooled for that matter when I get started I'm probably one of the most hyperactive and annoying people I know I'm pretty much insane >w< but in a good way of course :D I like helping people if I can and love quiet places that I can sit and write and daydream XD I'm generally a nice person if not a bit naive and innocent. I hate to upset people or generally break the rules but when I get into my hyper mode that all kind of disappears. Also I'm incredibly shy around people i don't know hyper mood or not. Anyway~ less about my personality ( half of you probably will never meet me anyway although I'd love to meet you) and onto the facts. I'm about 5ft9 I think which makes me taller then most of my friends which is a bit of pain XD I have decently long brown hair that refuses to do what I want it to and weirdly blue/grey eyes. I'm also very pale but there's nothing I can do about it XD I'm running out of things to say now... you don't need to know too much about me right?

Cosplay Bio

I met my first cosplay group in September 2010 but I had been wanting and planning to cosplay a short while before that. Since then I've become more frequent with my cosplay and have even joined/ help found another group who plan to make youtube videos in the near future. I haven't been making my own cosplays long so I'm not very skilful but hopefully that will change soon enough. I have a major obsession with wigs (I just love them) but I'm scared to try and cut them in case I ruin the wig ;^; Either way I hope to cosplay a lot more now I've started and I will hopefully get better at it soon~!

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anime / manga / cosplay / performing / dancing / drawing / hetalia / drinking tea / photography / editing / britishness / union jack / Nature / daydreaming / looking out at the night sky / roleplaying