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Name : Adrian
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Location : Stratford, London
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Personal Bio

I'm from a pretty solid comic book and gaming background, and used to draw a lot in days past. I don't watch so much anime nowadays, but I still follow a few good comics and manga

Over the past several years I've been more involved in dance, specifically a "street" dance called locking, and travelled to quite a few countries to compete, exchange and learn. I'm also into my music (big time), and started to DJ a few years ago, so haven't had as much time for gaming, but I still keep fairly up to date (and can kick ass at everything bar FPS).

More than anything else, I guess I would say that I'm driven by exploration. Of cities, people, concepts… life.

Hmmm. Well, enough talk. Have at you!

Cosplay Bio

I had known of cosplay for a while before I started, but it was the suggestion of a friend who invited me to the 2005 London MCM Expo that actually made me give it a go. I'm drawn to the creative and performance side of cosplay as both spectator and participant, although I have not been a participant for almost 7 years… How time flies!
Might come back to it in 2014... We shall see!


dance / music / drawing / design / travel / manga / anime / film / sci-fi / dining / DJ / culture