Personal Information

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Name : Adam "Adders"
Website :
Location : Southampton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th May 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hey. I'm Adam, I come from Southampton and I'm a cartoonist! I've always loved making costumes but mainly so far did them for birthdays and parties etc. I'm relatively new to the Con/Expo scene, and am quite nervous about it. I'm here to make new friends, get inspiration and share good times basically!

Check out my "Website" link to see some of my cartoon artwork too - if you like what you see, or read in general, add me on FB too :)

Cosplay Bio

I'm good friends with Team Khaos, who have started to get me into the convention/cosplay scene now. Thanks to them, I've really gotten into it! I'm now always thinking up ideas for costumes I'd like to do and possible conventions I'd like to go to

Contact Information

If you'd like to contact me, whether about cosplaying or my cartooning or even just a good chat, feel free! I'm also on Facebook (as the link above shows), and on MSN too - my email is "". Always good to make new friends after all :)


Drawing / writing/playing music / watching movies (especially horror ones! If you couldn't tell so far / I love me a good zombie movie/game!) / the supernatural / hanging with friends / playing video games (I'm studying a diploma in video game design too) / cartoons / Xbox 360 / thinking up costume ideas!