Personal Information

Name : Bethan
Location : United Kingdom - North Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th September 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

im Bethan :)
im new to Cosplay Island, i read about it in Neo magazine and cause cosplay is awsome, thought i would check it out :P

right,....some things about me:)

i love anime like any other person on this website lol
i go to London MCM Expo :D
i live in North Wales
i have msn.... my addy is belindasillence@yahoo.co.uk
i go on bebo and myspace 2
oh and YouTube, i make amv's.
i read manga
LOVE cartoons
go to a welsh high school but im finishing school this year
i wanna be a Media Studies teacher when im older :) SENSEI!!
emmmm ye, sooo add me please :) i like meeting new people who also love anime and coplay :D

Cosplay Bio

well atm i only have 2 cosplay

Ouran High School Host Club- but ive given it a little twist. instead of being a boy i wear a skirt and dont wear a wig....cause Crossplay rocks :P

ive also just got a Cardcaptors Sakura cosplay- the white and pink dress she wear's in the opening of one of the seriese.

Contact Information

msn- belindasillence@yahoo.co.uk
youtube- 25beth


cartoons.....rock....JROCK.....japan......anime......manga.......NEO magazine.......green.......art.......music........shopping