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I started cosplaying in 2010 with a couple of university friends who shared my interest but had also, like myself, lacked the guts to go it alone.

I started with FFX-2 Rikku because I thought it would be simple (no sewing patterns needed) and one of my friends (Acantane) wanted to cosplay Lulu from FFX which would marry up rather well. In 3 months of making it I learned how to sew (by hand at the time; no sewing machine then), knit and dye, I styled my first wig, I worked out like crazy for a toned stomach (luckily a lifetime of horse riding had given me a pretty good head start) and I made my first props.

But the best thing I learned through my first cosplay experience was how many friendly, approachable, helpful and encouraging people there are in the cosplay community.

I always try and learn something new with every cosplay. I will always do my damndest to make each of my cosplays something I can be proud of in one way or another. I love joining groups but I will not join one unless I can be 90% sure that I'll be able to follow through with the commitment.

If you have any questions about any aspect of any of my cosplays then please don't hesitate to ask; I'm flatterred that some people have been interested enough to do so. I believe whole heartedly in the exchange of cosplay-construction information to the benefit of all. I've learned so much from others and I'll give back in any way I can.

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