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InfiniteJesterLisianthus Eustoma3 October, 2013 - 23:35
This is really cute!
InfiniteJesterRomeo22 August, 2011 - 16:02
lovely pictures!
InfiniteJesterSarah22 August, 2011 - 15:52
looks so pretty!
JustPeachyTsumugi Kotobuki17 June, 2011 - 14:51
Wonderful Mugi :D The uniform looks so cute on you :D
rosierooChii12 June, 2011 - 08:49
very pretty pic - me love chii
rosierooMisa Amane12 June, 2011 - 08:48
aw misa misa i love this character
rosierooPrincess Peach12 June, 2011 - 08:46
so sweet
rosierooBelle12 June, 2011 - 08:41
this is a very nice belle - shes always good to cosplay coz shes amazing x
ExeliaKiraha Kirihara24 May, 2011 - 11:01
Wow, someone else who's wanting to cosplay from Kagihime Alice? I love Kiraha's design.. I've wanted to make it for years but never got round to it :P best of luck with it~! <3
SandsPrincess Peach11 September, 2010 - 08:24
those are some niiiiiice sleeves
HolliPrincess Peach3 September, 2010 - 22:35
The photograph of the top half of the costume looks really well made! WELL DONE YOU! =D You look mega cute in this costume.. i can't believe i never saw you at lfcc :O
My__RoadOfBloodPrincess Peach29 August, 2010 - 18:36
Aww you're a really pretty Princess Peach :)
My__RoadOfBloodWhite Rabbit17 August, 2010 - 13:26
Love the face paint!
My__RoadOfBloodRima17 August, 2010 - 13:25
You pull off Rima so well :3
My__RoadOfBloodTsumugi Kotobuki17 August, 2010 - 13:24
Aww you look so cute as Mugi! I love K-ON! So much <3
amberloversMadobe Nanami22 July, 2010 - 18:37
What an origional cosplay, plus you look 100% adorable :)
FusionRosePrincess Peach22 July, 2010 - 15:51
You look so pretty as princess peach! =D x.
rosestar4208Ashlotte22 July, 2010 - 08:49
Thank you, tbh I didn't stay in the costume all that long, it got broken :(
Pandora-ChiAshlotte21 July, 2010 - 16:32
OMG WOW!! I love this character soo much!! Wish I saw you though T^T Well done! ^^
hitmanx2Soul Silver female trainer12 July, 2010 - 21:37
oh when are u doing this must get a shot with my gold cosplay

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