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Recently Received Comments

NatsumiMarceline8 June, 2012 - 16:58
Yaaay. Awesome Marceline! <3 ^__^ It was nice to meet you. You pulled this costume off amazingly well. :D
KiraraYumiMarceline9 January, 2012 - 00:17
Awwyeah BD
nadsnadineMarceline8 January, 2012 - 00:44
Yeah for adventure time~ I hope to run this in may~
isamiaellaMarceline1 November, 2011 - 03:50
You made a great marceline!
My__RoadOfBloodMarceline4 October, 2011 - 21:52
Oooh man I'd so love to take pictures of this if I bumped into you! I'm such a huge Adventure Time fan and Marceline is one of my favorite characters by far. <3
xLaviChiiRin Kagamine26 July, 2011 - 17:35
SO awesome!~
cowieeRin Kagamine27 March, 2011 - 14:08
Beautiful :3
KiraraYumiRin Kagamine2 March, 2011 - 18:09
You may swipe my photos, of course! xD Hope your camera stops spazzing soon, I wanna see that nifty photo of us doing that one pose! D8
isamiaellaRin Kagamine1 March, 2011 - 18:03
Awww this is well cute
LemonPandaKaito22 February, 2011 - 19:43
kaito! this looks great!~ nice workkkk~ can't belive i missed it though :'D
Miku HatsuneRin Kagamine21 February, 2011 - 18:28
Gotta love these pics
Minos-ChanRin Kagamine20 February, 2011 - 19:45
you are so cute as Rin *_* *take you home*
Pandora-ChiKaito11 February, 2011 - 17:20
OMG I took I photo of you along with KiraraYumi ^^ - you looked awesome! and twice as awesome with a Len ^^
KiraraYumiKaito11 February, 2011 - 16:05
I like how your favorite photo is my least favorite xD N'aww, I didn't know you felt weird wearing this! You looked awesomes! >w<
KiraraYumiRin Kagamine1 February, 2011 - 17:48
S'gonna be awesomes! x3

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