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Recently Received Comments

rosierooPinkie Pie28 August, 2014 - 21:24
nawwwwwwwwwwww pinkie piee
paintedapples11Makoto Tachibana31 July, 2014 - 23:26
yes....very soon BD
xBoLinMakoto Tachibana30 July, 2014 - 21:31
soon........-slides away-
SakuraLeeDagger28 July, 2014 - 18:42
Lookign forward to this- love his design ^^
brigade-chiefSasha Braus30 May, 2014 - 00:45
Love this! You really suit the character :)
dan-danPinkie Pie6 April, 2014 - 14:52
you make such an awesome Pinkie :D
nanaharaPinkie Pie6 March, 2014 - 22:04
wingedwolfSasha Braus2 March, 2014 - 00:15
Sashaaa <3
xBoLinPinkie Pie17 February, 2014 - 20:25
N'aaaaaw <3 it's looking great :D and so cute!
paintedapples11Sasha Braus13 December, 2013 - 00:23
I finally found my spirit animal :P
FullMetal-007Sasha Braus10 December, 2013 - 16:57
You were destined to cosplay this character :,3 it makes me so happy *glomp*
paintedapples11Jordan Baker7 November, 2013 - 20:55
You knew a 'Great Gatsby' cosplay was coming sooner or later ;3
FullMetal-007Jordan Baker6 November, 2013 - 19:01
Am trully happy to see this :,3
The-Ominous-TruffleSherlock Holmes1 September, 2013 - 21:07
awesome work, glad i'm bringing moriarty now XD :3 what day you gonna be wearing this?
paintedapples11Hannibal15 August, 2013 - 00:13
thank you all for your nice comments ^^ you too Will >)
TheStarlightFairyHannibal14 August, 2013 - 23:46
Oh my god, that make-up looks perfect! Well done!
FullMetal-007Hannibal14 August, 2013 - 23:28
Tis looking awsome :,3 really loving it and can't wait to see it in the flesh :)
CrazedteensieHannibal14 August, 2013 - 21:40
That makeup is excellent!
paintedapples11Pinkie Pie9 August, 2013 - 22:05
the moustache will be coming soon ;D don't worry
xLaviChiiPinkie Pie9 August, 2013 - 18:07
this wig is soo cuteeeee. lacking mustache though emma ;D

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