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Amy-LouPopoi31 July, 2014 - 15:03
The new photos are lovely!
PandoraCaitiffCandlehead30 July, 2014 - 14:46
Fantastic job. It looks awesome :D
PandoraCaitiffWendy Oldbag30 July, 2014 - 14:45
This is a thing of beauty! So many under-represented minor characters in the Ace Attorney series. And you've done her justice! (LEGAL PUN FTW!)
SakuraLeePopoi29 July, 2014 - 00:13
I remember this cosplay from last Aya- amazing work! ^^
SakuraLeeLulu28 July, 2014 - 18:53
Looking awesome so far! :D
LittleSquishLulu25 July, 2014 - 04:27
It's looking amazing so far! Go go!
MosquitoastBeat4 July, 2014 - 11:33
Loving the new photos! You still amaze me with this costume!
PuddingRelm Arrowny26 March, 2014 - 01:05
Mighty OdangoRelm Arrowny17 March, 2014 - 11:41
So cute! And Uncle Ulty was a perfect addition!
FyriaXiaomu13 March, 2014 - 15:39
*foam and wire.
FyriaXiaomu13 March, 2014 - 15:36
I remember talking to my grandmother way back about the logistics of the wig for this costume, the short conclusion was sewing foam to the headpiece and using lots of wefts, if it's done properly it should work, but will be pretty time consuming so feel free to hit me up if you want a hand. Also you'll need to buy some extra sew-in clips for the front of the wig to support the weight. Have fun! xD
FyriaRelm Arrowny12 March, 2014 - 00:46
End result looked great!
FyriaXiaomu12 March, 2014 - 00:44
Haha awesome! This was actually on the list of cosplays that Sharp mentioned to me a couple years ago and I was going to do as a pair with him at some point, but never got around to it (I think I still have the wigs though) - enjoy that! Look forward to seeing it! :D
FreyaruleSewNovember Projects2 November, 2013 - 11:36
Aww cute! I love the panda fabric XD hope the project is a success :)
TheStarlightFairyRelm Arrowny30 October, 2013 - 01:19
Ahh you will suit this so much! Can't wait to see progress and photos!
NesabiCandlehead20 October, 2013 - 11:27
The first time I saw this I couldn't believe what I'd seen. Suffice to say, wow. Amazing work once again. ^_^
NesabiPopoi20 October, 2013 - 11:23
I adore the level of detail in this. It's a beautiful costume and your hard work really shows. :)
TheStarlightFairyPopoi12 October, 2013 - 21:23
This looks absolutely incredible! All your hard work has definately paid off! And your skit at Play Expo was adorable and perfect <3 Now I want to find an LP of this game so I can truely appreciate this!
AfireinsidegirlCandlehead26 September, 2013 - 22:56
Awesome costume and group :)
AfireinsidegirlPopoi26 September, 2013 - 22:54
Feedback from the thread, I agree with your idea on the wig! You could make it bigger and it would possibly look even more great! Have you thought about putting anything in it to bulk it out a bit? My only suggestion is clips or sponges as I have used them in my own hair (real hair) to lift it off my head :p I think this costume is pretty perfect, really, really love it :) Sorry to hear about the crystal thing >_> typical! It's up to you if you re-cast the necklace but I wouldn't personally, at least it looks great in these pictures. I am tempted to say that maybe the colours on your cheeks could be a bit duller, but that's just my personal opinion. Over all this costume looks so well made!!! Really love the staff and the whole costume, you have made it your own while paying tribute to the original imo

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