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lycaneyesEzio Auditore da Firenze8 March, 2014 - 12:07
Thank you very much :)
ArcaneArcheryEzio Auditore da Firenze24 February, 2014 - 21:03
Brilliantly detailed costume. I love the hidden Nerf gun.
lycaneyesBatman14 February, 2014 - 14:11
Thanks :) I am trying to get this as good as possible I have more progress but not had time the post it yet
jaks-kingdom-dwarfBatman12 February, 2014 - 02:10
I'm really looking forward to seeing this :D I love the pics you've been putting up on Facebook as well the progress is really looking good :D
This Little NephilimJake Muller18 August, 2013 - 16:19
Can't wait to see it finished
lycaneyesEzio Auditore da Firenze7 June, 2013 - 01:29
Thank you very much :)
Dax79Ezio Auditore da Firenze29 April, 2013 - 09:24
looks GREAT!
lycaneyesDesmond miles25 February, 2013 - 17:51
Many thanks :) just hope i pull it off well
Deathblow_PrimeDesmond miles25 February, 2013 - 17:49
Awesome! Will have to look out for this at expo :)
lycaneyeschris redfield8 February, 2013 - 15:07
Thank you very much I appreicate it :)
lycaneyesChris Redfield Bsaa8 February, 2013 - 15:05
Thank you :)
awesomeblossomChris Redfield Bsaa7 February, 2013 - 21:07
woooow impressive!
southafrimikechris redfield7 February, 2013 - 07:45
your RE cosplays are awesome!
lycaneyesSecret Cosplay7 February, 2013 - 00:20
nope...nope...aaaaannnd nope :P even if you did get it I ain't saying you will just have to wait and see;)
This Little NephilimSecret Cosplay7 February, 2013 - 00:14
Damnit okay um Assassins Creed? nah thats stupid sod it i'll play guess the out at the expo
lycaneyesSecret Cosplay7 February, 2013 - 00:09
Not even close :P
This Little NephilimSecret Cosplay6 February, 2013 - 23:55
i bet its a cat lol
lycaneyesSecret Cosplay6 February, 2013 - 18:47
southafrimike - It might just be that or maybe not but you've put another idea in my head :D Numta - Trust me you'll like this one I am going all out for this
lycaneyesEzio Auditore da Firenze6 February, 2013 - 18:40
thank you very much the leather work was a complete pain in the ass i can't remember how many times i stabbed myself or the thread broke
RagepotatoEzio Auditore da Firenze6 February, 2013 - 18:10
Looking awesome! Love the leather work. :) Clio

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