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I started cosplaying 3 or 4 years ago when I did a cosplay of Light Yagami from Deathnote, though was made entirely from things I found lying around my wardrobe, I really want to do him again properly at some point.
I have slowly moved up the chain doing better cosplays such as Ichimaru Gin and Ulquiorra at other Expos ( a cosplay I re-did and Improved on at Alcon 08). At first I used ebay bought costumes but have quickly moved on to making my own.
Cosplays I'm most proud of include my Lancer, Snake, Fai, Suzaku and Emperor Lelouch Cosplays.
I find I tend to cosplay a lot of characters that either involve body paint or spandex...are feminine, emo, or excessively happy....go figure?

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kirokitsune - Prince Zuko - 6th August 2012

Armour times

Got round to starting the armour today, have been having bad sweats about this as whenever I tried before it all looked like it was gonna go wrong.
Though after persevering and cracking out the craft foam I have achieved success!
I had completely forgotten what a wonderful medium it is to work with. I managed to crack it all out within about 10-20 minutes.
Now it just needs spraying and painting!
Still loads more to do for Zuko though.


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