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Hey! My name's Aaron. I'm 18. I'm fairly new to actually making cosplay, although when I was younger I used to buy things from charity shops and online and sort of cobble together outfits (usually for Halloween). I started going to cons a couple years ago.

Conventions I've been to:
Hi-Ex 2012, London MCM May 2016, Glasgow MCM 2016, FortCon 2016, London MCM May 2017, FortCon 2017, NessCon 2018

Upcoming Conventions:
NessCon 2019, Glasgow MCM 2019

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Inverness, Scotland

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idk-aj - Billy Kaplan/Wiccan - 16th August 2018

Almost Done! (15/08/18)

I finally have a good cape! All that remains to be done is to paint the suit. Planning to have it finished in time to wear to NessCon next weekend (25/08/18). Hopefully will be going to MCM Scotland as well (24/09/18).

(Have noticed there is a slight tear in the suit but it shouldn't be hard to stitch up, plus it's covered by the cape anyway.)

I'm so excited to go to a con in cosplay for the first time! Can't wait!


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