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InfiniteJesterGon Freecss30 January, 2016 - 23:22
Your whole group looks amazing!
InfiniteJesterEdna30 January, 2016 - 23:21
Can't wait to see this - love Edna!
brigade-chiefKoizumi Hanayo20 January, 2016 - 22:11
Aww this is so adorable, you make an awesome Hanayo :D
tojomisKoizumi Hanayo20 January, 2016 - 14:01
So cute! you really suit her ~
tojomisKamiki Izumo10 January, 2016 - 20:25
Ahh this looks amazing!
Amy-LouGon Freecss16 September, 2015 - 13:28
Nice Gon! That hairline is brilliant :D
KalahiraGon Freecss8 September, 2015 - 23:47
Ahh! You all look amazing! You've styled Gon's wig so well!! <3
KalahiraKurapika14 June, 2015 - 16:05
Amazing Kurapika *_*
ToroSonyCatYazawa Nico30 May, 2015 - 19:06
Amy-LouKurapika30 May, 2015 - 19:06
Fantastic Kurapika! Love the church shot, nice find!
InfiniteJesterTsubaki Kureha17 February, 2015 - 20:43
Can't wait to see this!
brigade-chiefMatsuoka Gou3 November, 2014 - 11:29
You make an awesome Gou, so cute! :D
gomimushiNora28 October, 2014 - 09:09
@ yuubalu: Oh no!! I wish I had seen you too - I only saw one Noragami cosplayer at Expo while I was in this costume and I wondered where everyone was ;_; ;; Thank you though, hopefully I'll catch you another time!
yuubaluNora27 October, 2014 - 23:46
Ah, I wish I'd seen you while I was cosplaying Noragami. You make such a good Nora~! <3
Amy-LouKinomoto Sakura20 September, 2014 - 23:28
Ahh, perfect Sakura! :D
PokethePixieKinomoto Sakura5 September, 2014 - 11:49
I love this costume ^^ cant wait to see it at the ball :D
Amy-LouCure Princess31 July, 2014 - 14:59
So cute! Love the tiniest of crowns.
InfiniteJesterMatsuoka Gou16 July, 2014 - 08:22
Very cute
InfiniteJesterJakuzure Nonon30 June, 2014 - 21:31
Ahh I love her middle school outfit, it's so adorable! Be great to see this :)
InfiniteJesterAkemi Homura26 May, 2014 - 10:58
This is adorable!

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