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caylithe - Viola - 6th November 2009

viola so far!

I keep being nagged at by Silver to actually do these things and she scares me when she nags so here goes

Started this in May and made the top, the hat, the collar, the skirt, the sleeves and the blue tights. Commisioned a wig from Sephnoir which was completed in august and which i will put photos up once ribbon is tied on :P. Was meant to wear it at Amecon but got ill :(
I did nothing until yesterday when I looked at it again and realised that there is still a lot of the small detailing to do, and the shoes need to be made. Luckily i bought some shoes in june which are perfect so will be modifying these. The bow and the arrows are currently being planned out by my OCD boyfriend who will tell me the best way to construct them and then will probably harrass/help me measure everything out meticulously. The current thoughts are 2 blocks of wood, holding two long thing strips of wood and foam in place. The wood we plan to bend into an angle over the next couple of months to get the right shape. no idea if this will work...

Anyway back to today.. Today I added the white detailing onto the tops of the sleeves and onto the tops of the tights/legging things xD


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