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fistfighter_tifajace21 March, 2010 - 13:03
YES!!! Awesome choice!!!
RuneKaiserjace29 January, 2010 - 02:28
Lol aceness would love to see this
nanaharaSasuke7 July, 2009 - 05:12
nice one man, good going on getting the contacts
ryaokiSasuke6 July, 2009 - 17:40
LOOKS EPIC and lmao dude i was watching that on the tv at work today when i was on break at 3 LMAO
Odd-One-OutSuzaku1 June, 2009 - 14:01
You've made the BEST EVER Suzaku cloak I've seen...
sherbetspritejace29 May, 2009 - 00:25
OMG!! Awesome!!
White LeviathanSuzaku21 May, 2009 - 23:19
ADAM PATRICK BIRD! You look epic as always man! Look forward to catching up, you've done an awesome job!
Toshi-channobou29 April, 2009 - 20:40
I HAVE THOSE TARTAN TROUSERS!!!! lmao or i have ones just like them =P this is an awesome cos-play anyways xD
bloodresinSasuke9 April, 2009 - 01:32
sasuke is emo he does not smile
kittySasuke8 April, 2009 - 18:50
looking pretty cool ^^ you need to do a big cheesey smile tho XD
nanaharaHollow Ichigo8 April, 2009 - 18:14
looking awsome man
nanaharaSasuke8 April, 2009 - 18:09
looking cool man ^^
Saffronnobou15 February, 2009 - 00:27
WOW. another nobu cosplayer! they're few and far between! You look great :D
Captain_Marvelousjace12 January, 2009 - 10:36
AWESOME!!! "theres a power and it comes from deep inside of yoouuuuuuuuuu" this series was awesome :) amazing french/japanese collaboration :)
YukaSuzaku11 October, 2008 - 19:02
Sweet, this is looking better and better by the second! I can't wait to see it at Expo!
kittySuzaku9 October, 2008 - 21:37
YAY adam!!!! this loooks awesome!! im so jealous of your skills...and pacience!!! (i cant spell it)
ReveShinji Hirako8 October, 2008 - 02:30
cant believe i missed this one doh!
Kan-chanSuzaku6 October, 2008 - 22:03
I'm laik...astonished you've actually managed to do this XD I would've given up SOOOSO long ago *gets bored easily* Fantastic progress! only 19 days left DDD:
stripey_daniSuzaku6 October, 2008 - 15:17
Amazing! Im really impressed! <3
bloodresinSuzaku5 October, 2008 - 15:36 this one is on its way to me :p thanks xD

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