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AyameSuigintou7 April, 2010 - 16:34
Wow this is really cute. I never would have guessed you made it in such a short time it looks amazing. Excellent work. x
1000014deathnote1 August, 2009 - 14:29
Whenever you do this; I still have my Light costume ;D
1000014washu1 August, 2009 - 14:28
Ahh cool :D
Berserk667washu24 July, 2009 - 22:11
fave character from the series. Nice one
Sephiraynewashu24 July, 2009 - 18:21
Awesome! I love Washu and Tenchi Muyo.
Combustible Limetira13 July, 2009 - 00:48
Love this character, I will help making the hat :)
Combustible Limefate testarossa13 July, 2009 - 00:47
Great character I am also planning this costume, I couldnt sleep so im back online ;)
GeorgiSuigintou31 May, 2009 - 20:53
Oh my god! I didn't even know you were at expo! Goddammit! How have you been lil crazy lady? x
san_chanSuigintou31 May, 2009 - 04:45
wow is very col you cosplay im liked
1000014Suigintou28 May, 2009 - 17:57
Not bad work my friend!
1000014Lizzie middleford28 May, 2009 - 17:56
If you're gonna do this can I do Ciel with you? I dunno when I would have the costume ready though.
Combustible LimeChibi Moon27 May, 2009 - 00:15
this will look cute, good luck :)
Combustible LimeSuigintou26 May, 2009 - 21:43
looked really good for a short amount of time, loved the contacts you had :) great work

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