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WolfsgeistVincent Valentine21 May, 2014 - 03:13
Oh awesome! :D Haha, I'm still in the midst of making everything... if I'm lucky it might all pull together in time! But yes I've been attempting to make a Cerberus too... although I've not attempted a prop the likes of this before ^^ Are you guys going to the London Con this weekend then? If so, it'd be great to meet up and exchange ideas/photos etc :)
WolfsgeistRumplestiltskin21 May, 2014 - 01:33
Aww thank you so much! :D I'll definitely have to bring out Rumpel again for another Cosplay event (though just over 3 hours getting everything on is a bit of a nightmare -.o ... but the end result is one I can be pleased with! ^^)
cosplaymatt1Vincent Valentine14 May, 2014 - 14:19
hey another Vincent :D we got a Vincent in our group he'll be wielding Cerberus if he can repair it in time , ill be cactuar and my friend yuffie see you there! be cool to see progress pics if ya do some ;)
HarryKurtRumplestiltskin3 May, 2014 - 20:45
This is absolutely perfect! Amazing work! *__*
MissColzyChanRumplestiltskin3 May, 2014 - 00:30
Great work on this, you look spot on!!

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