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I got into cosplay back in high school when my friend introduced me to manga and suggested that we all go to MCM. Since we knew that people cosplayed to these things and didn't want to be left out, we put together some Naruto and Death Note closet cosplays and set off for London. And it spiralled rapidly from there into modifying the clothes and then to making them from scratch.

What do I enjoy most about cosplay? I'm not sure I can pick anything. You get a great amount of pride when you hold up the usually bedraggled and far from perfect thing you just made and pronounce it done. Not to mention, it's a great way of meeting people who are into the same things as you are, a prime creator of derpy moments and a way of capturing back that theatre aspects I've lose over the years. Not to mention I discovered a deep love of wigs. Very deep love of wigs.

My proudest moment and greatest achievement is hard to pin down because I'm still tempted to say going to MCM in 2010 dressed as Lloyd Irving in a jacket I had made myself. But it's tied with standing on a stage in front of the producer of the Tales Of games, dressed as a character from that series, and performing a skit in this dress I had slaved over. He's a great guy and just meeting him was amazing. But being able to do it in a cosplay I had made was just that little bit more awesome.

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