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animekid3000Lara Croft31 July, 2014 - 02:04
This cosplay of Lara is totally amazing! most likely one of the best I've seen :D
prometheusSorceress Edea5 June, 2014 - 17:52
edea is nice, I liked it. When I made the helmet I started to hate her. too much work on the horns
ArcaneArcheryFeral Chaos1 June, 2014 - 13:19
This is a very impressive costume, especially the sculpted demon faces
Kei Lin SamaFeral Chaos30 May, 2014 - 22:43
I was really shocked to find out this was you! You are normally so beautiful (e.g. your Belle last year), but this time you transformed into a fierce and demonic beast! Epic!
HorrorFanatic85Feral Chaos8 May, 2014 - 15:47
Will be interesting what this will turn out to be
J-PoAurora12 April, 2014 - 19:31
prettu :)
ChibiMatsuLilo Pelekai7 April, 2014 - 17:06
Raye-chanOswin Oswald6 March, 2014 - 17:19
Will be great to see this! I am wearing my TARDIS dress on the Saturday of Kitacon :D
MothfoxNavi25 February, 2014 - 00:47
very cool ^_^ a great human navi
AmazonianBlondeElsa24 February, 2014 - 19:06
Looks so cool, I love the crown! :D
NamineBelle24 February, 2014 - 18:40
gorgeous and pretty cosplay there hun ^^. Well done!!! :D
Mew RockyLilo Pelekai24 February, 2014 - 10:49
I loved this costume -^^- you were so cute and your masquerade performance was fantastic! Great job hun -^^-
SamanthaKaibaSorceress Edea29 October, 2013 - 10:00
This looks really good...well done with this ^_^
flamewizoSorceress Edea20 October, 2013 - 16:13
Cool looking good.
SlimDefinitionSorceress Edea18 October, 2013 - 17:45
This is looking fantastic!
Ranma1-2Sorceress Edea17 October, 2013 - 22:35
wow! excellent makeup test.
ToroSonyCatSorceress Edea17 October, 2013 - 18:36
I love the make-up!
SamanthaKaibaSorceress Edea25 September, 2013 - 19:42
loving the progress
J-PoSorceress Edea25 September, 2013 - 17:00
made of win :)
RebaSephiroth2Sorceress Edea21 September, 2013 - 13:31
Can't wait to see this, I bet you look amazing. ^_^

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1 Year Agoicon TheEmoEmu added an image of Feral Chaos.
1 Year Agoicon TheEmoEmu added an image of Feral Chaos.
1 Year Agoicon TheEmoEmu added an image of Feral Chaos.
1 Year Agoicon TheEmoEmu added an image of Feral Chaos.

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