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SuperZeldaGirlNastasia16 November, 2014 - 21:14
Looking forward to seeing this finished. :D
Princess_ClogsMagma Admin Courtney12 November, 2014 - 09:11
Looks really good! ^-^
InfiniteJesterGlaceon29 October, 2014 - 23:11
Looks great!
brigade-chiefSasaki19 October, 2014 - 00:08
So awesome to see this character done, looks really good :D
InfiniteJesterAlvis14 October, 2014 - 18:12
Great design - can't wait to see!
Bree-The-NerdGlaceon24 September, 2014 - 14:35
Has to be one of the best glaceon cosplays i've seen!
LadyBovineRui21 September, 2014 - 15:33
Oh my god yes! I looooved this game on the gamecube!! Cannot wait to see this!
LadyBovineAkihito Kanbara20 September, 2014 - 19:57
Looking good so far, cant wait to see the rest!!
Kitri du LacAriel28 August, 2014 - 23:01
This is such a gorgeous variation. I can't wait to see it!
KitkaTurret27 August, 2014 - 06:39
Great idea, looking forward to seeing how you interpret this!
TheStarlightFairyHigh Inquisitor Darklaw2 August, 2014 - 21:59
Aaah this will be amazing! Gotta love Darklaw <3 (I hope one day I can pictures with you as Espella!)
InfiniteJesterKazuko Souda26 June, 2014 - 18:10
Wow, be great to see this!
MothfoxShiida5 June, 2014 - 13:32
A good choice i look forward to seeing progress :)
SuperZeldaGirlLink15 May, 2014 - 19:09
This looks awesome, im going as Toon Link for the MCM Expo this may.
Petchy-monFlandre Scarlet17 March, 2014 - 23:24
DarkShodowOwnerMarceline12 March, 2014 - 15:20
Awwwwww <3 really looking forward to it <3
TheStarlightFairyGlaceon16 February, 2014 - 18:22
You all looked amazing! So cute!
LadyBovineGlaceon14 January, 2014 - 02:25
Really loving the progress so far!
InfiniteJesterAkihito Kanbara21 December, 2013 - 13:29
Jumper looks great!
WhiteWraithAkihito Kanbara1 December, 2013 - 09:13
I would love to see this :) I might be doing Hiroomi for Expo, would be great if we could get photos together :)

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