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xxlilmisssakuraxxMoogle27 August, 2012 - 02:17
haha you need to come visit me a.s.a.p! ... if you didn't have school i'd get you to come work in the cosplay cafe with me for Alcon - get your ticket refunded - so get to go Alcon for free so long as all the hours are done lol! Damn that school stuff! and haha if i have the spare material -I'm not positive if i'll have it till juliet's done in the week .
SoapyLouLanieMoogle26 August, 2012 - 23:12
I didn't notice them until after you put that, hehe thanks Laulau :D Aww, are you sure? I don't want to be a bother or anything but then again, it gives me an excuse to come visit you :D Woop!
xxlilmisssakuraxxMoogle26 August, 2012 - 21:05
soap sill theres a shopping list feature you could use - and journals :) and i think the polystyrine balls i have are a bit too big to give you one LOL. check with me about purple materiaal when u want it btw - i might have some spare from juliet :) very moogly ;)
xxlilmisssakuraxxLara Croft14 August, 2012 - 17:43
fend you got a pic of my bum in the air LOL!!! ;)
xxlilmisssakuraxxLara Croft19 June, 2012 - 21:42
nawwww sophie you suit lara!!
xxlilmisssakuraxxWendy Marvel19 June, 2012 - 21:30
huzzah !! You hash a lucy munchkin! MUHAHA doo the onee i suggesttttedddd ... tisss goooood oneee

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