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I started cosplaying in 2002, but to be honest I've never been very good at it. ;)

When I started I had a LOT of help from family, friends, girlfriends etc and didn't really make anything myself until around 2008? Not quite sure...

Anyway, I've been to events in the US and France and have been lucky enough to be involved in running a fair few events here in the UK as well. I co-ran the MCM Expo cosplay for a few events with Ilpala, but it wasn't for me and the better man joined forces with him to make it amazing afterwards.

I've also run/hosted Ayacon's Sunday Night Live for two cons now, which has been amazing. I love hosting events and supporting all the great performers that do skits/performances.

I also wrote the Cosplay Corner for NEO Magazine for about a year and a half.

The costume I am proudest of is probably Vaan as it was something I made myself and felt I did a good job.

My favourite costume though is Brock, such a great laugh and people really get a huge kick out of it which makes me happy. :)

The thing I love about the hobby is the performance aspect, I love being in Character and doing Skits/Performances. My best one is my 24 Gears Solid skit from Amecon 06 or something... I am so bad at remembering dates!

I don't cosplay these days (I might do some simple things for Halloween or to help out friends with Skits), I just don't have the money or time but I've had a great time with it over the years!


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