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Cosplaying for about 7 years. Made far too many costumes. I love challenging myself with new techniques and trying out new ways to do things.

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SephNoir - Loki Laufeyson - 20th August 2013

Complete but not finished.

Ayacon was awesome! I completely fluffed the masquerade thanks to nerves but very pleased with my award! Also had major fun in the Cosplay Chess and met so many lovely new people!

Going to re-wear him next year after some improvements and some more armour! I'm going to spend the rest of the year fixing my list of tweaks I want to make to this, then start the full armour set in the new year.

Currently my list of improvements are the following:
- Shorten the main belt as it was a little too long.
- Fix the two zip stops I lost on the coat.
- Put magnets in the shoulders of the coat and the flaps to hold them on better.
- Repair any loose leg plates. Happily didn't lose any though!
- Green stuff the edges of the worbla to smooth it out and repaint.
- Attach the belt clips more securely as the front came off on one side.
- Attach the buckles more securely as they loosened a bit.
- Remake the blades of the staff to be stronger and repaint in chrome for a better look.

On top of that I'll be making the upper arm, rib and shoulder armour, cape and helmet. The cape will have to match the lining but will be wool rather than cotton. I've actually designed this costume with the full armour in mind so it will be completely interchangeable in a matter of seconds. I'll also be making the helmet similar to the movie construction with hopefully strong magnets to hold it together.

I'll also be working on my performance, I know I'll do better on a stage I'm more familiar with so I'm going to aim to get everything done for May Expo. Got plans already, just need to build some stage props and practise to make sure the timing is right!


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