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I dove headfirst into cosplay at the beginning of 2007 after seeing an ad for the London MCM expo in NEO. And so, I dragged my moogle friend along (Emma :)),and ended up with Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew being my first cosplay (and I've since continued to have a thing for pink wigs... ). To be honest, every cosplay experience just gets better and better and I love meeting all you cosplayers out there!

Favourite cosplay to date? Hmm...toughie....I loved being Rita from Tales of Vesperia and also Luka. But to be honest, I enjoy it more and more everytime I cosplay!

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Sammykins - Pascal - 5th March 2014

Twinkle twinkle!

I've always wanted to cosplay a character with red, or gold eyes - I've done red, so now it is time for gold! I'm looking forward to wearing these and trying new makeup techniques to bring out the twinkle twinkle in them!

These are from Isczo - I really like their ranges :)


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