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My GF and I like to try something new and completely random each year and for 2013 we thought we have ago trying cosplaying. As we are big fans of anime, manga, films and games so it made sense to try it out.

As we are both fans of the brilliant 'Spice and Wolf' manga and anime series so we thought we would use this as our introduction into the world of cosplaying. As this was our first expo we were kind of nervous to start with but I'm happy to say we caught the cosplaying bug straight away and absolutely loved it.

2013 - May - MCM Expo
Spice & Wolf - Holo & Lawrence

2013 - October - MCM Expo
Summer Wars - King Kazma & Natsuki

2014 - May - MCM Expo
Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception - Nathan Drake (me) & Tomb Raider Reborn - Lara Croft (Partner)

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ST212 - Nathan Drake - 8th May 2014

Cosplay Progress - 5

Over the long weekend I was able to find sometime to dirty up the clothes I'd bought for my cosplay. In the end I used face paint & baby oil to give the effect of dirt and sweat.

I didn't want to go over the top with the dirt look as this particular costume for Nathan Drake takes place in the desert. I've done the trousers in a similar way and I think it looks okay :)

Bring on MCM!!


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