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Princess_ClogsKozume Kenma22 May, 2015 - 12:04
You look brilliant! Kenma is so adorable (^∇^)
DangerousBoxAyasegawa Yumichika9 November, 2014 - 17:52
yuubaluMayoko Okino7 November, 2014 - 02:38
8D <3
The-oncoming-stormPyrrha Nikos30 August, 2014 - 23:31
Hope I run into you guys then if you wear them Friday!
RosieLPyrrha Nikos25 August, 2014 - 10:30
I think the current plan is Friday~ Terri's doing Jaune the same day. JNPR ftw!
The-oncoming-stormPyrrha Nikos24 August, 2014 - 23:07
When are you planning to wear RWBY? As I'll be Lie Ren on Friday and team JNPR ftw
GroovyGenesCosplayMargaery Tyrell21 August, 2014 - 14:36
Wow you make a great Margaery! Stunning cosplay!
InfiniteJesterAnastasia14 August, 2014 - 09:44
This is adorable! You really suit her!
SamanthaKaibaDaphne Blake6 August, 2014 - 13:38
Just perfect
SamanthaKaibaAnastasia6 August, 2014 - 13:38
No comments? I don't see why as this looks fantastic...great work
WhiteWraithOtani Atsushi3 August, 2014 - 10:36
Looks great, love your poses :)
MothfoxRebecca Crane2 August, 2014 - 00:19
Great cosplay of becca, one of my favorites from assassins creed!
NaiShiteruNorway29 June, 2014 - 23:49
Gosh, you make a really perfect Norway :DDD
InfiniteJesterGrell Sutcliff29 June, 2014 - 10:35
You make a great Grell!
x-Blade-xSeragaki Aoba27 June, 2014 - 07:46
Awww ye! Any time you want a Noiz, bro >C lemme know! (Maybe Trip one day, too xD though that comes with cake, too. So be happy about snacks ;D)
yuubaluDoll27 May, 2014 - 15:38
Actual cutie <3
x-Blade-xDoll16 May, 2014 - 23:18
Prettiest <3 ;A;
yuubaluMargaery Tyrell1 April, 2014 - 23:43
You looked so stunning, bb. My fingers will happily bleed from doing your embroidery any day if you're going to look this pretty again <3
GettiMargaery Tyrell1 April, 2014 - 22:51
You were beautiful! What a gorgeous cosplay! /slinks away
x-Blade-xMargaery Tyrell1 April, 2014 - 18:41
Jelly of your dress forever >:C Renly will join you one day for beardy-husbando lols~

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