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Recently Received Comments

RebaSephiroth2Reno16 May, 2015 - 14:24
Awww thanks I'm going on Saturday. ^_______^
SuperZeldaGirlReno16 May, 2015 - 13:34
Awesome, what day are you going in this?
RebaSephiroth2Rozalin1 November, 2013 - 16:09
Iron on fabric stiffener, you can buy it by the metre and iron on to the reverse of fabric. Hope that helps. ^_________^
Mighty OdangoRozalin1 November, 2013 - 15:59
Really loved how all the bows stood out from the dress, how did you achieve it? It gave it that perfect cartoony feel for a Disgaea costume.
Clockwork Dandy NoodlesRozalin22 October, 2013 - 01:34
Oh wowza... I love it 0_0 so much detail. Nice work.
RebaSephiroth2Rozalin20 October, 2013 - 11:27
Thank you Charlotte. ^_____^
CharlotteLunaRozalin20 October, 2013 - 03:52
LOVE this. I know how hard this dress was I had such trouble with my own Rozalin and you've done such a fantastic job!
BelaDropsRozalin16 October, 2013 - 22:28
Amazing *-*
BelaDropsRozalin16 October, 2013 - 22:27
Amazing *-*
ToroSonyCatRozalin13 October, 2013 - 20:53
Wow, everything looks so amazing so far!! *__*
RebaSephiroth2Rozalin11 October, 2013 - 20:28
Thank you very much. ^_____^
WhiteWraithRozalin11 October, 2013 - 19:58
This looks so amazing :)
RebaSephiroth2Rozalin11 October, 2013 - 19:05
Awww thanks Gemma. :)
Lady BahamutRozalin11 October, 2013 - 19:01
Looking really cool! The dress is amazing :D
RebaSephiroth2Rozalin30 September, 2013 - 19:17
Thanks for the advice. ^______^
KoiiceRozalin30 September, 2013 - 18:14
Everything look amazing, I love your props and accessories. I just wanna give a little wig styling tip on your spikes, the best way to get a good standing spike is to layer your spike. Section off some hair and chop into it so it will be less heavy and less likely to flop and you can give it a nice smooth point, spray the base with some hair spray and then back comb, just the base to give it a nice stand, then spray away at the rest of the hair and twist the end between your fingers into a point ^^ I hope this helps at all ^^; I look forward to seeing the complete outfit ^^
Mew RockyRozalin19 September, 2013 - 20:23
This is looking awesome hun! Those accessories are fantastic! :D Can't wait to s at expo ^^
RebaSephiroth2Rozalin18 September, 2013 - 20:15
Thank you very much, it's my first attempt never had contact lenses before.
ToroSonyCatRozalin18 September, 2013 - 20:02
Looks wonderful so far, I love the makeup test!
RebaSephiroth2Sephiroth30 May, 2013 - 06:30
Awww thanks I really enjoy cosplaying her it was great fun. ^_____^

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