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TheStarlightFairyNatalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear26 May, 2015 - 17:38
I didn't see you at expo, but I can't wait to see photos of this, Natalia is such a wondeful character <3 I bet you look fantastic as her!
x-Blade-xNatalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear18 January, 2015 - 20:15
Babe. Actual babe. Luke's gonna treat you like a real lady~ ...and be sexist about it and expect you to do stuff for him /shot ;D Soon! All my excite <3
mskittyLie Ren18 January, 2015 - 18:49
... ... ... Boop
TheStarlightFairyLeila31 October, 2014 - 00:12
You both look amazing! I'm gutted I didn't see this at Expo (I bumped into Firion briefly though)
x-Blade-xMilla30 October, 2014 - 21:04
Yesplz Forever perf Milla >:C

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