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Cosplayer since November 2007, srs cosplayer since may expo 2008! Oooh, many years and still going.... xD

Proudest moment - Entering the Masquarade in May 2009 with the Saiyuki group!

I love meeting new and interesting people at conventions and expos and keeping in contact with them via dA, CI or tumblr afterwards! ^__^

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Pratatooie - Belle - 18th July 2015

Wow! Just... I think I got this...

Yeah, I think I've actually got a costume completed for an event with over a week left to go before P.A.N.I.C sets in...
I'm actually proud of the work gone into this costume, despite having to rope in the cavalry for some advice [all it cost me was a small box of chocs and the promise of doing the washing up more often...]


I think I shall do more cosplays like this in future... I like to learn new things [like actually having and using a pattern to make clothing :D]

Looking forward to Kitacon 2015 - and updating this afterwards to reveal who the costume really is ^__^


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