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KnightslyBarazou Mankanshoku23 December, 2015 - 09:41
this is to awesome
PandoraCaitiffRose Quartz8 September, 2015 - 00:43
@Mew_Rocky - YES! This must be done!
Mew RockyRose Quartz3 September, 2015 - 15:05
Ahhh you look fantastic!! Hopefully one day we can meet up when I have Sapphire done for pics! (with my Ruby too of course ;) )
CarminaRose Quartz31 August, 2015 - 20:24
Not watched the series but this is really pretty. Love the curls!
WarpyRose Quartz25 April, 2015 - 02:38
Yo, crystal gem's represent!

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