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HeorotDust29 October, 2015 - 18:38
I've only ever seen Dust in humanoid form so its nice to see him in his original, intended state. Good job!
michawellsDelsin Rowe29 September, 2015 - 20:02
This looks amazing, I love the level of detail you have gone to with this cosplay :D
Ranmaru cosplaysDelsin Rowe25 September, 2015 - 11:40
this looks awesome :D great cosplay
CarminaAeon18 September, 2015 - 07:03
Great costume! All put together very well.
MaddannkiddDust26 August, 2015 - 22:41
Awesome work
AfireinsidegirlAeon21 August, 2015 - 20:10
This is such a cool cosplay and really well made :)
Ranmaru cosplays?15 August, 2015 - 12:40
Read the shopping list as made me think of lots of characters so now am curious what this will be so I can't wait to see this
ThatNovaScotianDust14 August, 2015 - 06:56
Very nice!!!!
ToroSonyCatTeepo22 July, 2015 - 20:03
Looks awesome!
glittergalaxyDust13 June, 2015 - 16:10
From what i can see, it looks pretty good! I'm sure all your hard work paid off! c:
Ranmaru cosplaysZeno11 June, 2015 - 21:28
I can't wait to see this the outfit looks aweawesome
OriginDelsin Rowe4 June, 2015 - 09:36
Short answer, yes. Though, at the time, the game wasn't out for another two months, so things were slightly tricky. The only references around at the time were the trailers. So it was a case of firing them up in HD on Youtube, pausing it at the right time and guessing from there. Some were easy to get (like the "raven star"), while a few of the latter ones were mostly guessing and improvisation to make them look similar. It took me a while to realise that one of his badges was, in fact, a Sly Cooper silhouette. So, for that one, I googled him and managed to find one, which was a stroke of luck to say the least. From there, I threw the designs (it even took me a bit to realise Delsin was wearing eight badges!) into Photoshop. Once they were printed out, I went out and got a £15 badge maker from Argos, made them up and used the trailers to figure out where each of them went on the jacket. Job done!
MattyBoyDelsin Rowe3 June, 2015 - 11:06
A great cosplay for a great game, I'm curious how you got the exact badges however, did you make them yourself?
SuperZeldaGirlGrant Danasty2 June, 2015 - 18:12
Ranmaru cosplaysYuuki Terumi25 May, 2015 - 21:45
Good luck with this and look forward to see
CavahnGrant Danasty15 May, 2015 - 18:54
I'm so excited to see any and all progress you make on this!! I've never seen anyone do this cosplay! :)
blissfulbananaDelsin Rowe20 April, 2015 - 01:27
love the attention to all the small details looks awesome.
BlueberryTaleYuuki Terumi17 April, 2015 - 11:05
Excited to see this!
blissfulbananaAeon2 April, 2015 - 08:03
this looks totally awesome, nice work with the boots
klweanneAeon14 March, 2015 - 13:34
You look amazing and did an awesome job with the wig :) Also loved all the journal entries :D

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