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DaleksFearMeJane Castle5 May, 2013 - 18:39
Howdy! That's awesome you're planning a officer Castle cosplay :D I'm putting together a Haldane cosplay, am working on the shirt at the moment hoping to get it done by end of the year. How's yours coming along?
ChiharuMarvel Girl (Jean Grey)23 October, 2012 - 15:36
I'd love to try and get a group to do the original X-Men together! I'd be happy to do Cyclops or Beast, not sure how I'd do "snow cone with fireman boots" Ice-man though.
Captain_MarvelousMisty8 August, 2012 - 23:24
So awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Captain_MarvelousRogue11 November, 2011 - 18:00
Looks perfect!
Captain_MarvelousScarlet Witch11 November, 2011 - 18:00
I love it! you look great!
SnowmanKlineScarlet Witch11 November, 2011 - 03:08
your costume looked awesome ^_^
Ranma1-2Scarlet Witch11 November, 2011 - 01:28
Well done. Making stuff from scratch without patterns is not easy, but you did it. :)
Captain_MarvelousScarlet Witch21 October, 2011 - 18:18
Nice job on your ass work in progress! XD but yeah it looks radical!
flamewizoRogue17 October, 2011 - 20:07
Wow love it :D nice job
flamewizoScarlet Witch17 October, 2011 - 20:06
Looking good :D fantastic costume there look forward to seeing you at the expo :D
Captain_MarvelousRogue30 September, 2011 - 16:45
You look radical! :) let me know if you needed patches that were just the plain X's without the writing :)
DrunkleyCPScarlet Witch16 August, 2011 - 11:07
Looking good so far!!!
DrunkleyCPEmma Frost8 August, 2011 - 11:09
OMG This looks soooooo awesome!!!
zabuza89Wanda (Scarlet Witch)7 August, 2011 - 01:58
EPIC love wanda you need a quicksilver to bully :P
NewdlesScarlet Witch1 August, 2011 - 22:33
Yup - need to sort out Catwoman for Edinburgh Fringe tomorrow so I hope it's still feeling friendly! Fabric is at least stretchy which is always useful :-P
Aks100Scarlet Witch1 August, 2011 - 21:32
Bodice is looking good. The fabric looks awesome (but may be hot to wear in the summer, lol) Have you made up with your sewing machine yet? :)
BabemRozeEmma Frost1 August, 2011 - 07:23
You really looked amazing in this :D and I loved your music as well! <3
RelionEmma Frost31 July, 2011 - 22:31
You looked awesome in this! I was Aurora at the expo, in the Disney group :)
NewdlesEmma Frost31 July, 2011 - 21:54
Thanks so much :-D I haven't been blonde since I was 7 so I wasn't sure how it would look. Thanks for the lovely comments and it was great to meet some of you in Manchester (you all looked amazing) :-)
TheStarlightFairyEmma Frost31 July, 2011 - 21:35
You looked so fabulous in this! I love the swooshy cape so much c:

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