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Ashy-kunTwilight Suzuka23 April, 2015 - 22:47
I'm glad I managed to catch you on the Sunday for a quick picture. ^^
yami-no-nekoAuron15 April, 2015 - 21:39
you look super duper fab in this.
Panda123Auron3 April, 2015 - 16:32
Cool costume ref, I haven't see fem!Auron before! Can't wait to see :)
Billie BlouseTwilight Suzuka16 September, 2014 - 04:02
OMG!!!! You need to do this to AmeChibi, it will force me to do an Outlaw Star cosplay finally! I just can't decide if I want to be Gene, Melfina or Hot Ice Hilda!
yami-no-nekoTwilight Suzuka30 July, 2014 - 09:37
Awesome! when you get this complete I will have to get my Gene finished and drag my mel along for photos.

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