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madmazda86Trucy Wright19 June, 2013 - 21:37
Yay Trucy! A good first attempt, and now you have the cloak to pattern off if you ever find a fabric you want to remake it with!
MollyMonBalmung15 June, 2012 - 20:41
Hi, thank you, yes I was in the masquerade! I was so nervous, couldn't believe they put me on right near the end... ;____;
SpecklesBalmung10 June, 2012 - 23:50
Hey were you that fantastic Balmung I saw in the masquerade? :)
MollyMonPenelo15 December, 2011 - 22:58
Hehee and I was your new recruit! Who was like really eeeeeviiiiil. >D
JupiterLightPenelo3 November, 2011 - 17:40
So cute <3. :DD A pleasure to run around with you Molly. ^_^ ... well. Run. Walk. Slowly. xD

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