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MillomoiEirin Yagokoro23 February, 2013 - 17:14
*squee!* Thank you! I'm really enjoying this. ;w;
ToroSonyCatEirin Yagokoro23 February, 2013 - 14:35
Looks awesome so far, I can't wait to see it finished!
xCrimsonXeroEirin Yagokoro23 February, 2013 - 01:16
looking great =3
MillomoiEirin Yagokoro8 February, 2013 - 13:52
Thank youuu! :'D I am so excited to finish this. I've literally wanted to make this myself since I started cosplaying. ;w;
CavahnEirin Yagokoro8 February, 2013 - 11:07
O: Can't wait to see this finished! Looking great so far! (:
dan-danSakura12 January, 2013 - 21:14
yay cant wait to see the pics :)
MillomoiYuna27 December, 2012 - 21:29
Sweeeet!!!We shall have to omnom! :D Oh, there's just so many times we match! XD
PsychoelleYuna27 December, 2012 - 02:55
Awesome!!! :D I hope to cosplay Lenne at some point ^^
MillomoiWriggle Nightbug7 December, 2012 - 18:39
I WILL STARVE. I'll have to bonk my head into lit streetlights outside whilst people buy me food.. ;.;
Petchy-monWriggle Nightbug5 December, 2012 - 22:51
Wriggle!!! ^w^ Remember that you're not allowed in restaurants. :p
MillomoiLuna17 September, 2012 - 22:19
N'awwh thanks so much. ;w; I loved prancing around like an idiot in this..
PsychoelleLuna16 September, 2012 - 23:39
I adored your Luna :D Was alot of fun meeting you.
gaming_goddessKeisha Nishiwaki13 September, 2012 - 14:20
Suc a cute character design - Love the Hair :D
Ros3ifyLuna16 July, 2012 - 18:17
Cool outfit I hope it all goes well, and i will be awaiting this glomp (as your a chii fangirly) hahah ^^
MillomoiLuna25 June, 2012 - 17:28
Thanks so much! nwn Oh my gosh, Sakura, that'd rock! :D I'll make sure to glomp you when I see you! C:
SakuraKatieChanLuna25 June, 2012 - 11:03
That looks amamzing so far ^^ A few friends and I have planned to do Sailor Moon Characters at J-Con. So far we have Moon, Sailor V and Jupiter. Your welcome to join us if you like. ^^
MillomoiRainbow Dash12 June, 2012 - 16:14
Thanks guys! >w< I'm so excited to finish this I could pop. <3
AlouetteRainbow Dash12 June, 2012 - 14:34
The wig looks lovely on you :) you're going to make a great Dash!
MillomoiLuna9 June, 2012 - 13:04
Haha, I was actually planning to get her done for September JCON. I'd LOOOOOOOVE to be part of a group if you need me! Getting to London for the Expo is darn hard but I'll try.. ;A;
AfireinsidegirlLuna2 June, 2012 - 08:42
I love Luna, when are you planning this for? I'm part of a sailor moon group for MCM May 2013 and we're looking for a Luna...just saying.

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