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TheInkOfDoomGordon Freeman4 June, 2009 - 11:22
Can't wait to see more progress on this! 8D
behind_youGordon Freeman31 July, 2008 - 22:31
Good work... Missssster Freeeeemannn Please keep posting progress pics!
1000014Gordon Freeman31 July, 2008 - 22:21
Odd-One-OutGordon Freeman7 February, 2008 - 20:34
8D! Freeman!
MonkeyGordon Freeman28 January, 2008 - 12:13
Gordon Freeman? That's going to be absolutely awesome. Too be honest I think I'd enjoy being crowbar'd by you haha! :D Can't wait to see and get lots of photos! *beam*
LuminescenceGordon Freeman20 January, 2008 - 22:39
Oh my god, I may just cry with glee. XD
MetroidManiacGordon Freeman20 January, 2008 - 20:43
CrazedteensieGordon Freeman20 January, 2008 - 18:24
I love you D:

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